Caring for your denim jeans can be tricky. There are many ways to keep them looking and feeling their best. But the key is knowing how to care for them properly, thats why we created some tips to help make your denims last longer.


1. Wash Less Often

We know that you love your favorite pair of jeans and want to wear them all the time, but did you know that washing them too often can actually damage the fabric?

It’s true! When it comes to washing your denims, less is more. So, think twice before you throw those denims in the washing machine. Too much washing can shorten the life of your jeans and wash away all that color as well as the fit, so it’s important to only wash them when necessary.


2. Use Stain Removers

So you have a stain or spill on your jeans. Don't panic! It's completely fine to wash them, but it's not always necessary. Instead, use a stain remover to target that specific area. Save the washing for when you’ve worn them enough.


3. Flip them Inside out

You might have heard that you should wash your jeans inside out. Why? 

It's because it protects the fibers of the jeans from friction and any detergent that may be poured directly on it. It also helps protect your dark-colored jeans from fading.


4. Choose the Right Detergent

When you're washing your denim, it's important to consider the type of detergent you use. If you're washing black or dark blue denim, for example, use a detergent designed for dark colors. This will help keep those colors looking their best for as long as possible!


5. Cold Water Only!

Washing your denim the right way is easier than you think.

When it's time to wash your jeans, use cold water (unless the tag says otherwise). Warm water can speed up color fading and shrinking, so it's best to wash in cold water to keep your denim looking it’s best.


6. Wash Alone

While it's likely safe to wash all your denims together, sometimes jeans can bleed when they are wet (especially darker colors). To maintain the colors of your denim, it’s best to wash and dry them in separate loads.


7. Air Dry Always

When it comes to denim, air-drying is the way to go.

Dryers are not kind to your jeans. They tend to shrink and fade them, which is why we recommend hanging them to dry. If you must put your denim in a dryer, try using a low-heat setting (unless the care intructions say otherwise). This will prevent future tearing and fading from your denims.